Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Big Mac Encounter

Duane picked up the mail today which was full of ads. I'm not used to this many ads living in a town with one grocery store. One ad inparticular was from McDonald's. Now Duane and I both tend to look for good deals, and for him this seemed like the ultimate. Buy one sandwich, get one free! WooHoo! I didn't realize he was serious. Anyone that knows me, knows that I don't eat at McDonalds. It's just the rule. Don't know why, it just is! NO, I have never eaten a Big Mac OK. No, that wasn't OK with Duane. Said I couldn't "dis" the Big Mac unless I had actually eaten one. It was my turn to plan the Friday night date. Yup, armed with the coupons, we headed for McDonald's. I can now say that I have eaten a Big Mac. I was hungry and whoofed it down. Duane claims I ate it so fast because I was loving it and couldn't put it down. I didn't get food poisoning and I am still alive. It was just OK and probably won't eat another if I have a choice. That "special sauce" is not that special. :)


Finally made it to Rangely to welcome our 5th grandchild. Charlee was born on Nov. 9, 2009.

The "What else could go wrong?" day

If you want to see how your new spouse might react to a given situation, try this one. Beautiful Sunday morning, our first since our Honeymoon. Still trying to move stuff around between our house and the kids, we loaded a dresser, futon and mattress and off we went. It was only 10:00 a.m. and since I would be going to Rangely, CO this afternoon to help with grandkids we drove both vehicles. First stop was in Stansbury Park to deliver futon and dresser. As I sped through town with no problem at all, I soon realized that Duane was no where to be found. I did finally pull over and wait. I noticed when he caught up with me, the mattress seemed to be "re-positioned. This would be after he picked it up off of the pavement on Main Street Tooele. Made it to Stansbury Park and realized I had left my purse on the front porch of our home. Duane offered to go back and get it and I went on to West Jordan to our granddaughters primary program. Duane made it in time for the program and all was well. Before church was over I realized that I had forgot the Christmas tree that I was supposed to take to CO with me. We both drove back to Tooele, picked up the tree and I was off. I was just coming down the hill into Heber City when Duane called. Seems I had his wallet in the truck. I turned around and headed back to meet him in SLC. Got another goodbye kiss and hug and off I went. All was well. Got almost to Park City and blew a tire on the Interstate. OOPS! Duane was nearly home, again. He would get the set of stock tires and jack loaded on the trailer and come to my rescue. "Where is the trailer hitch for my trailblazer", he asked? In Monticello. After finding a hitch, he was off. Somewhere along the Interstate he stopped to check the jack and forgot his phone was on his lap. OOPS, phone must have fallen out of the car. It has been 1 1/2 hrs. and I can't get a hold of my knight in shining armor. Now what! He finally shows only to realize that we need a screwdriver to get the hubcaps off. Who doesn't have a screwdriver in their vehicle??? Thank goodness for Wal-mart! Back to the vehicle, get hubcap off. OH NO, forgot the lugnuts for the tires. Yes, they are in Tooele at the house. Back we go. Decided to get help from David. He would go find lugnuts and meet us at the flying J. We decided to drop the trailer at the Flying J and pick it up on the next trip back since we didn't need it and the lights weren't working. Back we go to the truck, hoping it hadn't been towed by now. We did stop and find the cell phone along the way this trip. Got back to the truck to find the Highway Patrol marking it as abandoned. NO, IT IS NOT ABANDONED!!! Did you not see the note stuck on the window with chewing gum??? Obviously not! Changed back tires and decided to call it a day and head back home as it was now to late to head to CO. Duane went ahead to get the other tires changed at the house and asked me to stop and pick up the trailer. "Don't worry", he said, "the lights won't work with your vehicle but it will be OK". It WAS OK for the first 2 miles until the County Sheriff pulled me over. "Officer, I am having a very bad day" didn't quite cover it for him. He wanted my license and registration. I now have 2 drivers licenses with 2 different names and addresses and no registration. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM??? He must have felt a bit sorry for me. Duane talked with him on the phone and verified that I was indeed Marilyn Hedrick. The nice officer said he would not cite me if I would pull over at the Maverick up the road and drop the trailer until Duane could come and pick it up. Yes, he followed me and watched me drop it off. Went into Maverick to let them know we would be back shortly for the trailer. Nice young kid outside store saw the whole situation coming down. Offered to help me get the trailer home. Didn't have a clue who he was or where I was but at this point, HEY, what else could possibly go wrong. He lent me his light adaptor and hooked up the trailer for me and followed me home. Duane thanked him and gave him $10. He seemed happy. Home at last, it was 12:00 midnight. We made the best of what was left of the night. We still love each other, we are still laughing, and all is well.

The Honeymoon

Due to our work schedules, we only had a couple of days. We chose the Johnson Mill Bed & Breakfast in Midway for the weekend. We had a fabulous time getting to know each other better. ;) We also took several scenic drives, ate alot, took a walk around the property and spent time on the pond. Hated leaving and coming home to face the "real" world. We would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great get-a-way.

Our Wedding

Oct, 30, 2009. A crisp autumn day. Our wedding was held at the Lion House in Salt Lake City, Utah. We kept it small with only our children, grandchildren and Grandma attending. Bishop Steve Duke performed a beautiful ceremony. Taylor served as our ring bearer and flower girl. After the ceremony we were served a delicious meal. Pictures were taken with our families including Duane's children, David & Katie, Stephen and Michelle and Marilyn's children Ryan & Aurora, Taryn & Travis with Carson and Taylor, and Grandma Low. We missed having Duane's son Joey, who is serving a mission and Marilyn's son Todd & Shalece with Aspen and Brode due to their new baby Charlee on her way into the world. The day couldn't have been better.

Our Engagement

Duane proposed on the night of Oct. 2, 2009. Of course I said "YES"!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our first 10K

After a summer of 6:00a.m. morning walk/jogs with the "Smokin' Hot Mamas" and friends I thought I was ready for my first 10K run. OH-H-H what was I thinking!!! First of all I AM NOT A RUNNER, more like a clutz. I have deemed myself a glorified "wogger". Never the less, my goal was not to be last place. I signed Duane and myself up weeks ahead so that I would not back out. My BFF Tammy agreed to run along side as well. Oct. 10, 2009, a beautiful, colorful fall day in Indian Creek. With Duane on one side and Tammy on the other off we went. Things were going better than I expected until we hit about mile 3. The race organizers were kind enough to put boards across the cattle guards as to make it easier to cross. I tried to blame Tammy for the mishap but I think the problem was that I actually need to pick up my feet more than a 1/4 inch when wogging. As my foot clipped the edge of the board I began my flight to the other side (At least I made it to the other side right?) As I met with the pavement I imbedded a large piece of gravel into the palm of my hand which wouldn't be discovered until a later date at the doctors office. OUCH!!! I managed to finish in 61st place with a few scrapes and bruises. I FINISHED!!! Not last place and 5 minutes faster than my expected goal. Kudos to Duane and Tammy for staying with me and letting me cross the finish line before them. I can't say if there will be any more 10K's in our future. Stay tuned.