Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our First Christmas

We spent Christmas at home with lots of family stopping by to visit. Actually, we told them if they would like their gifts from us they would have to come by. It worked out great and the day couldn't have been better. Visits to Temple Square during the holiday season were fabulous as usual.

Thanksgiving Pie

Thanksgiving was spent at home with Duane's kids for dinner. Now I have made many pies and have never had this much trouble. Decided to do "cheater" pie and buy the pumpkin pie. No one really likes pumpkin pie, but it seems wrong to not have at least one for Thanksgiving dinner. Bought the frozen pie, put it in the refrigerator until I would cook it the next day. There was the mistake. It is suppoed to stay froze until ready to cook. Tipped the box to open and all pie filling slid into the bottom of box. Scraped it out and cooked it anyway. As far as pumpkin pie goes, it all tastes the same.