Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Big Mac Encounter

Duane picked up the mail today which was full of ads. I'm not used to this many ads living in a town with one grocery store. One ad inparticular was from McDonald's. Now Duane and I both tend to look for good deals, and for him this seemed like the ultimate. Buy one sandwich, get one free! WooHoo! I didn't realize he was serious. Anyone that knows me, knows that I don't eat at McDonalds. It's just the rule. Don't know why, it just is! NO, I have never eaten a Big Mac OK. No, that wasn't OK with Duane. Said I couldn't "dis" the Big Mac unless I had actually eaten one. It was my turn to plan the Friday night date. Yup, armed with the coupons, we headed for McDonald's. I can now say that I have eaten a Big Mac. I was hungry and whoofed it down. Duane claims I ate it so fast because I was loving it and couldn't put it down. I didn't get food poisoning and I am still alive. It was just OK and probably won't eat another if I have a choice. That "special sauce" is not that special. :)

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  1. Yummy!! So glad you are adventuring out and trying new things. You guys are so romantic and have great date nights. The choices are endless. Hey... at least it was free.

    P.S. Miss you!!